City Imagineerium

Come help us build the most amazing city! Kids from all over town are invited to spend the day building the City of Their Dreams! Saturday morning, as kids arrive for this huge event, they will “apply” for a building permit, be issued a “plot of land” and mountains of recycled materials. Then, they can spend as long as they like building their dream city.

This is the Fifth Annual City Imagineerium build. Last year, over 300 people participated in the build. To see a video recap of a build day, visit

As you will soon see, kids create the most amazing cities - eco-friendly, beautiful and fun to live in. So, it’s no surprise that the volunteer city planners, architects, builders and engineers who have been on hand to help the kids say they have learned as much from the kids as the kids have learned from them. We know that this year, the kids will just keep “wow’ing” us!

Theme:  Fantasy Structures

We spice up City Imagineerium every year with special building challenges.  This year, the challenge theme is “Fantasy Structures.”   We encourage our amazing builders to design their structures with iconic buildings from some of their favorite books and movies, buildings like the The Palace in Oz, Hogwarts and the city of Atlantis.  We will also announce special fantasy building challenges each hour, spurring the kids to even greater heights of imagination.  And, of course, there will be prizes to recognize their flights of fancy.

Our Sponsors

Our wonderful sponsor makes this event possible.  UMKC’s School of Engineering and Computing provides space and volunteers.  Our thanks to everyone involved!