Cyber Safety

It’s a big, wide world out there, and that includes the World Wide Web.  Most of the Web is great, but some of it is decidedly unsafe.  Given that every kid is going to be on the Web at some time and nearly all of them can hop over the firewalls and other safety nets we put up, it is important that we all learn how to stay safe.  So, we have recruited one of the city's foremost Internet security experts to teach us all how to enjoy all the benefits of the Web while avoiding the risk.

What’s On the Menu

In this class, you will learn:
  • The Hazards of the Internet
    • Cyber Crime Statistics
    • Case Studies
      • How Identity Theft Happens
      • How Cyber Bullying Occurs
      • How a Predator Can Find You
      • How Sharing Info Can Cost You Your Reputation
  • How To Protect Yourself
    • Preventing Cyber Bullying
    • Using Social Networks Safely
    • Texting And Chatting Online Safely
    • Being a Good Digital Citizen
    • Protecting Personal Information
    • Avoiding Inappropriate Content
    • Sharing Files Securely
    • Protecting Your Privacy on:
      • Mobile Phones
      • Facebook And Twitter
    • Using Webcams Safely
    • Staying Safe in a Multi-Player Gaming Environment
    • Staying Safe on Instagram and Snapchat
    • Using Public Wi-Fi Access

​Our Sponsor

UMKC's School of Computing and Engineering makes this program possible by providing space.  Join us in thanking the UMKC-SCE team.