Explore FIRST LEGO League Jr’s Creature Craze

This fall, it’s time to go crazy for animals. Whether in zoos, on the farm, or in our own back yards, we all encounter animals in our lives. We will dive into this year’s FLL Jr. challenge and learn how our furry, feathered, and finned friends do the amazing things they do. We will dive deep into the physics behind spectacular feats of animal derring do - like how to squirrels glide from tree to tree and frogs climb straight up glass buildings - by meeting with experts, doing fun tech projects and taking some cool field trips. (Note: Field trips will occur during a few classes; parents will need to meet us at those locations and accompany their children.)  Then, we will turn what we’ve learned into LEGO models that reflect the ways we can use all that amazing animal tech to make people’s lives better.

Along the way, we will build models that glide, climb and lots of other cool things that animals do.  In the last few sessions of class, the kids will put all that animal "know-how" to good use by inventing things that make people's lives better. They will make mock-ups of their inventions using LEGOs.  Together, we will write a book on Creature Craze and on the kids' inventions. (NOTE: We will produce the book using Shutterfly or a similar service, and parents may purchase a copy if they would like.) On the last day, the kids will present their work to family and friends.

For Those Interested In Competing

Some parents have expressed interest in joining in the regional Jr.FLL competition which usually occurs sometime in March or April. We will host a parents meeting on September 16th at noon at Rockhurst University Community Center to explore everyone’s interest. Note: This class will focus on learning and joyfully exploring FLL Jr.  Everyone will have the chance to participate in a fun presentation for parents on the last day of class. If some of the participants decide to present their work in the regional competition, the preparations for that presentation will be done outside of class.