FLL Team Seminars 2016

Building a Powerful FLL Region

For eight years, LEARN Science & Math Club’s FLL teams took one or more first place awards at every FLL tournament they attended. And, they proudly represented the Western Missouri and Kansas FLL Region at the North American Championship and World Festival on three occasions, bringing home the 1st Place Inspiration Award two out of three times.

And, while we think our kids are the bee’s knees, we know that every kid is wonderful. Our kids’ success stems from investing a huge amount of time in FLL and developing a rich knowledge base. Not every team has the chance to make such big investments. So, we feel that it’s time for us to pay forward the many wonderful experiences we have had in FLL. Our teams will host region-wide seminars to share what they have learned.  Join us for the FLL Seminars to get the inside scoop.

Intro to FLL – Saturday, September 17th

This year, we are offering two full days of training.  The first day focuses on the needs of those new to FLL:  kids, parents and coaches.  In this session, we will help new folks get off to a running start by introducing programming, strategy and structural engineering.   Read on for more details.

Strategy & Structural Engineering

On Saturday, 9/17 from 9 to 12p, we will share what it takes to design a high-scoring robot. In this session, you will learn how to:

  • Maximize your points
  • Streamline the number of attachments you need
  • Identify "low hanging fruit"
  • Run your missions faster
  • Radically improve your handwork
  • Build easy-on and easy-off attachments
  • Combine missions for optimal performance
  • Score high – every time, not just once in a while

Intro to EV3 Programming

On Saturday, 9/17 from 1 to 4p, we will walk you through EV3 programming step-by-step.  Even if you have never programmed anything before, this class will get you writing code that will get your robot where it needs to go from Day One.   In this session, you will learn how to:

  • Manage your software portfolio effectively
  • Connect your robot to the software
  • Guide your robot around the competition field
  • Use basic sensors to improve reliability
  • And, make strategic programming decisions

Dive Deeper into FLL’s Animal Allies – Saturday, September 24th

The second day of training is for everyone – new and experienced alike.  We will bring in experts on this year’s topic to dive deep into Animal Allies and the project.  Then, we will tackle advanced program.  

The Animal Allies Project

On Saturday, 9/24 from 9a to noon, we will dive into Animal Allies and the project.  For many teams and coaches, the project is a "black box."  We never see another team's project.  It's hard to know what a good project looks like nor what sorts of problems, solutions and sharing are required of us.  This session will give you some inside insight.  Plus, animal experts will give teams the insider track on this year’s challenge.  In an intensive Q&A session, we will explore key problems these experts believe their industry needs help solving.  And, then, we will host a round-table discussion on what makes a good project and how other teams have approached it in the past.

  • Get one-stop research – Get the inside scoop on the real-world problems that Trash Trek poses from regional experts.
  • Learn how to pick a winning topic
  • Choose a presentation format that wows your audience
  • Create a story with all the facts, but plenty of fun
  • Props, props, props
  • Put those artsy types to good use

Advanced EV3 Programming

On Saturday, 9/24 from 1 to 4p, we will help you take your programming to the next level.  Whether you are an FLL newbie or an experienced programmer, this class will give you insider tips and tricks to improve your robot performance.   Instructors include our head coaches who are professional Computer Scientists and have 12 years of experience teaching FLL programming; our high school robotics team, The Red Hot Techie Peppers, will also be on hand to give one-on-one assistance.  In this session, you will learn how to:

  • Follow lines reliably and quickly
  • Save time and effort by creating reusable code
  • Improve the accuracy of your turns
  • Get better performance with multiple sensors
  • Cut time from your robot runs with code sets
  • Develop advanced programming techniques

Our Sponsor

Our wonderful sponsors make this event possible. Our thanks to everyone involved!

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