Robo Camp - City Shaper

Are your kids the ones who:

  • Have to look under every hood, push every button, look behind every door?
  • Take everything from the DVD player to the bathroom doorknobs apart just to see how they work?
  • Love logic puzzles and mechanical challenges?
  • Are involved in romances with their computers that are so intense, it limits REAL human interaction?

This camp will light their fire! And, this year's FLL robotics challenge - City Shaper - promises to be extra fun.  FLL invites your kids to envision a better world in which to live - to redesign the cities, towns, and places you call home in ways that make them safer and more enjoyable. 

Better yet, you won’t have to lift a single calculator, microchip or slide rule. We’ll do all the heavy lifting in engineering, science and math – while you sit back and watch the entertainment.  So, bring your sons and daughters for action-packed excitement. (Yes, bring those girls!) It will be so much fun, they won’t even know that they’re soaking up all sorts of arcane technical knowledge.

What's On the Menu

During this program, we will:

  • Play Team-Building Games – Solving big challenges requires great teamwork, and we foster these skills through games and a team-oriented approach to all our projects.
  • Learn How to Build Strong – A lesson in structural engineering
  • Solve Engineering Challenges – Putting those building lessons to work
  • Design Great Robots – The kids will learn tips and tricks for building a robot that actually works
  • Scope Out the Playing Field – See where you’ll meet soaring success or crushing defeat…not really, competition is all for fun, right?
  • Build Lots of Cool Stuff – This is where you get to put your mark on the robot world – add arms, design rams, create the next modern marvel…Navigating Effectively – You won’t love your ‘bot if it plays “dead bug” on the mat; so, we’ll show you how to get it to jump tall buildings in a single leap…or, at least, go where it’s supposed to go.
  • Take a Class in Programming 101 – A lesson in how to talk “robot”
  • Program Your ‘Bots – Putting that programming lesson to work
  • Put It All Together - Test all that cool stuff you've been building and make it work.
  • Compete – This is where you find out what your robot’s made of! (Parents and grandparents are welcome to come, see what the kids have done and enjoy the show!)
  • Win Cool Prizes