Mission: To Infinity & Beyond

Space the final frontier...In a galaxy far, far, away...To infinity and beyond!  These are amongst the most exciting phrases in science fiction.  And, they’re totally exciting in real life, too!  

In this program, we will learn about what it takes to explore the universe, starting with gravity and the other forces that affect space travel. Then, we will take off to the moon.  After that, we will figure out how we can colonize the moon and build a launching point for further exploration. Then, we are off to explore our solar system and the universe!

What's On the Menu

  • The Earth
    • Our Amazing Blue Planet
    • Try Your Hand at the Magical Paper Clip Drop
    • Defy a Gravity-Defying Skyscraper
    • Create a Parachute for a Raw Egg
    • Slingshot a Rocket around the Moon
  • Earth’s Moon
    • The Race to Space
    • Eat the Phases of the Moon
    • Create Moon Craters
    • Whip up a Moon Crater
  • Our Solar System
    • Our Incredible Star
    • Create a Solar Flare
    • Record the Earth’s Rotation with Your Own Sun Dial
    • Build a Solar System Mobile
    • Test the Gravity on Other Planets
    • Create & Play Your Own Solar System Board Game
    • Make a Comet
  • Our Galaxy & Others
    • “Follow the Drinking Gourd” and Learn the Constellations
    • Investigate (& Eat) Some Meteorites
    • Make & Explore Black Holes
  • Getting to & Living in Space
    • Launch some Mice into Space
    • Create an Air-Powered Rocket
    • Land Safely on the Moon
    • Design a Moon Rover
    • Deliver a Payload to the Moon
    • Design a Core Sample Drill
    • Create Tools to Keep Your Food from Floating Away
    • Build a Solar Oven to Cook on the Moon
    • Learn to Moon Walk
    • Test Your Ability to Use Space Gloves
    • Build a Robotic Arm
    • Create a Space Habitat – a LEGO Design Challenge

In this program, we will do more than two dozen hands-on projects that help our young space explorers explore the physics of our universe.  It’s going to be an exhilarating ride; so, buckle up and get ready to launch!