The Engineering Extravaganza

You Dream It!  You Design It!  You Build It!  You Test It!

Join us for a fun-filled day of learning disguised as play! At this year's Extravaganza, your future engineer will…

  • Create a Carrier to Convey a Baby Animal down the Zipline – Design and test gondolas that rescue baby animals from the forest fire.
  • Construct a Rubber Band Helicopter – Build your helicopter to fly further than any other, testing it in our Flight Area.
  • Design & Build a Super Structure – Who can build the tallest structure with dowels and rubber bands?  Will it be your team or the folks next door?
  • Build a Car that Can Survive our Crash Test Track – Put your engineering skills and creativity to good use, designing cars that protect raw eggs (and the magical, baby chicks that may one day save the world) from destruction as they race down our track.
  • Douse a Lava-Spewing Volcano – Build and test catapults to deliver chemicals that put out the fire in our volcano before the town at its feet is destroyed.
  • Craft a Foam Rocket – Try your hand at aerospace engineering.  Build the longest-flying, foam rocket you can and then test it in our Rocket Launch Area!
  • Defend your Ship with Your Ping Pong Ball Launcher – Design and build a ping pong ball launcher to defend yourself from the laser-shooting sharks and giant octopi trying to take down your ship.
  • Invent a Marble Maze – Create your own personal-sized maze and/or join in the giant marble maze build.
  • Build a LEGO City - Help us create the coolest LEGO city ever

Move from station-to-station, building cool things all day long with our fun and wacky technical mentors, or settle in and work on a project for hours. Join us for the day or only for an hour. We provide the challenges, the supplies and the engineering guidance; you build whatever you can dream. Your imagination is the only limit!

This fun event is for the entire family. Kids from 5 to 13 will particularly love it. And, it provides all-day fun for less than the cost of a movie!

Our Sponsors

Our wonderful sponsors make this event possible.  Our thanks to everyone involved!