The Engineering Extravaganza

You Dream It!  You Design It!  You Build It!  You Test It!

Join us for a fun-filled day of learning disguised as play! Inside every child there is an engineer just waiting to…

  • Design & Test Parachutes in Our Giant Raw Egg Drop
  • Construct an Extending Grabber & Capture Dangerous Snakes 
  • Craft Your Own Paper Circuits
  • Design and Race a Bristlebot
  • Build and Use a Cork Shooter to Drive away Angry Birds
  • Create and Race a Paddleboat 
  • Build the Coolest Paper Airplanes and Test Them in Our Plane Launchers 
  • Fabricate and Shoot a Triangle Slinger 
  • Build a LEGO City

Move from station-to-station, building cool things all day long with our fun and wacky technical mentors, or settle in and work on a project for hours. Join us for the day or only for an hour. We provide the challenges, the supplies and the engineering guidance; you build whatever you can dream. Your imagination is the only limit!

This fun event is for the entire family. Kids from 5 to 13 will particularly love it. And, it provides all-day fun for less than the cost of a movie!

Our Sponsors

Our wonderful sponsors make this event possible.  Black & Veatch provides critical funding for the supplies, and the UMKC Planning Design Students provides the space for the event.  Our thanks to everyone involved!